Rubens Decoussau Tilkian
Vertus Institute has the mission of promoting peace and encouraging society to find alternative ways to resolve onflicts that are fast and inexpensive. Thanks to its reliability, professionalism and thorough study of the elationship of the parties to the dispute, Vertus Institute helps people, companies and other entities to construct and formalize solid accords that respect the desires of the parties.

Founded in São Paulo by Rubens Decoussau Tilkian, a lawyer specialized in business law with extensive experience as a mediator and coach, partner of the firm Decoussau Tilkian Advogados, Vertus Institute uses its own methods, developed based on more than a decade of studies and successfully resolved cases, to enable the parties involved in a dispute to rescue their virtues, confidence and values, and act as the protagonists in their own histories.
A method of mediation.
Vertus The Institute aims to redeem virtues
and real transformations of each.
We focus on results for life.
Our Values
Vision Focus on ideas and alternatives over the long term, in favor of constant evolution of the Institute.
Integrity High standards of justice and ethics in everyday words and actions.
Respect and Attention to Problems Careful and systematic evaluation of challenges and their possible alternatives.
Functional Excellence Constantimprovement of knowledge and skills.
Meeting Clients’ Needs Understanding the needs of clients and trying to surpass their expectations.
Teamwork Collaboration with others in favor of a common objective.
Respect for Procedures Respect for procedures and rules to reach objectives.