Center for Mediation and Dispute Resolution

Vertus Institute is a leading mediation center in the country. It uses a unique and innovative method to resolve conflicts, acting together with the parties in a true transformative process, allowing the parties to be the protagonists in their own decisions.
Any dispute, even if a lawsuit has already been filed, can be sent to Vertus Institute for mediation, provided the procedural legislation allows this.
Mediation permits the parties to resolve their conflicts faster and at less cost, and fundamentally, with less trauma.

Training of Mediators

Be a mediator and put into practice your mission to spread peace by resolving disputes.
Vertus Institute gives a certified course for qualification of mediators, as well as training sessions to improve mediation skills. Our training offers participants the chance to learn our values and mediation techniques, which have a long track record of success in the market.
We believe that the training of new mediators, besides increasing the number of professionals qualified to help resolve conflicts, is an important chance for mediators to assume a standout position in society, and to achieve professional success.

Presentations and Seminars

Vertus Institute organizes and gives presentations and seminars on a wide range of matters involved in mediation, dispute resolution and coaching, including the most recent themes for professional and personal growth and motivation.
We believe that to attain success and inner peace, it is necessary to invest in self-awareness and rescue of individual virtues.


Relying on specific techniques, coaching sessions have the purpose of awakening the potential in each person, to improve professional and personal performance.
It identifies the true mission of individuals, as well as their values, and helps them make wiser decisions, meet targets and carry out clear and realistic actions. The overall aim is to enable the client to achieve the desired success.